Eneco Science

How do you get electricity from a lemon? And can you blow up a balloon with yeast?
Eneco shows you how it's done. Read more about it here.

Together with Het Peloton


Blackbird - watercolor on canvas.

Healthy kids

The Grotesques

Capricious, bizarre and monstrous, but also caricatural and ridiculous. Grotesques from the Renaissance to the present. An exhibition in Antwerp, 2019.

Together with Mat.
More here.

Here comes the sun

Birth card design for Nina. Silkscreen printed on paper.

For the most loyal customers

Whether you are orange, pink, green or blue, these animations will show you all the advantages that come with being a customer at Eneco.

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Together with Mediamixer

You can make the difference

Timmy and Vicky in a game of fruit ninja. Do you know what to do in case of a serious injury?

Together with mat (illustrations) and vier

Baby fair

Layout & design for a brand new event in Ghent. More at babyfair.be.

Open door

Quiz questions made for the Belgian television show De slimste mens ter wereld.

Together with Woestijnvis

How to renovate

Illustrations for an exhibition stand about renovating on the BIS-beurs 2018 in Ghent.

Together with Exponanza