All about technology

Series of animations for UGent at South-Korea.

Production: Michele Van Parys
Script: Robin Dhondt
Sound: Klank-Werk

More adventurous language flaws

Rebus movie to introduce the different mathematical courses, published by Die Keure.
Find out more on their website.

Make this happen!

Innovation that gives refugees a ticket for a better future.
You can help with the last, crucial step to make this happen. Let's give displaced people a ticket for a new beginning.

Concept and editing: Bart Peeters + De Geschoren Aap

Doenizo with Unizo

Series of shorties for the Unizo roadshows in 2015. Don't do so...

Client: Unizo
Concept and editing: Wouter Verstichel

Hoog water zonder kater

Floods are of all times, it is a natural phenomenon. You can never completely avoid them but you can make sure that you don't end up with a hangover.

Client: Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij
Concept and editing: Meerkat

All together

Together with WWF thousands of children are asking our political leaders to finally take strong actions for the climate.

Client: WWF
Concept and editing: Meerkat

Green cooking

Together with 'Het Peloton' these stop-motion movies were made for Greenpan.

Client: Greenpan
Editing: Martijn D'haene


Live stop-motion cocktail recipes, used weekly to decorate an episode of 'Summerproof'. Made for the Belgian television.

Food waste

Your food deserves better!
This stop-motion movie about food waste is created with the support of the Flemish Government.

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Finance Team of 2015

This year the movie introduces 16 candidates, all in the running for 'Best Finance Team of the year 2015'.