Painted with acrylic paint on a white canvas.


Dive into this TV-commercial for the national television. Created for one of the biggest winter fairs in Belgium.

Together with Het Peloton

Lower the bar

Short animation to raise awareness about invisible barriers who are hiding in and around our business world.

Together with Het Peloton

Sausage Party

Making of images for a small teaser to announce the new American computer animated movie 'Sausage Party'.

Client: Woestijnvis

David Bowie's Tintoretto

David Bowie's Tintoretto, now at 'het Rubenshuis' in Antwerp.

Client: Mediamixer

Family reunification

Explanational video about how to get reunificated with your family abroad.

Client and concept: Heren Loebas

Het Peloton on holiday

Cocktails, sunshine and tropical temperatures!

Client: Het Peloton

Winter holiday

What do I pack when going on a winter holiday?

Client and text on screen: Het Peloton

Belgium through Danish eyes

A look at our little country through the eyes of a Dane living in Belgium. Video made for the Tourism Event during the Belgian State visit to Denmark in March 2017.

Little animations done by me.

Video: Mediamixer

Tour of Flanders

Antwerp will set the new stage for the next five years of the Tour of Flanders. Julien is the first to try it out.

More about the tour here.

Client: Mediamixer