Live stop-motion cocktail recipes, used weekly to decorate an episode of 'Summerproof'. Made for the Belgian television.

Food waste

Your food deserves better!
This stop-motion movie about food waste is created with the support of the Flemish Government.

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Finance Team of 2015

This year the movie introduces 16 candidates, all in the running for 'Best Finance Team of the year 2015'.

The adventurous language flaws

Linguistic movie to introduce the different language courses, published by Die Keure.
Find out more on their website.

Successful apps, happy users

Business animation movie for UXprobe, the smart software that shows you how and why people use your app.


Yellow is the new black. This whiteboard animation shows that shopping mall Molecule offers it all.

Welcome aboard

Instructional animation movie for IFBD, the Institute for Business Development.


Cut-out animation for 'Het Peloton'. Showing the water circulating, never leaving the neighborhood.


Commercial videos for Scarlet, a Belgian tv, telecom & internet provider. No stop motion this time, but fast forwarded live action.

Additional credits go to Who Killed Joe? and BBDO

Finance Team of 2014

This stop motion movie introduces the 13 candidates who were in the running for 'Best Finance Team of the year 2014'.