Around the world

In 2018 Brussels Airport was nominated for the World Routes Awards. This video gives you all the numbers and shows you why they achieved the podium place.

Together with Mediamixer

Bruno at Brussels Airport

On his way through the airport of Brussels, paper man Bruno finds several ways to travel more sustainably.

Together with Mediamixer

Food art

Food art illustrations for Lidl's kitchen.

Together with Het Peloton

Avocado lollies and zucchini brownies

Tasty sweet recipes with fruit and vegetables. See more at Libelle Lekker.

Mothers Day

Dive into this TV-commercial for the national television. Created for one of the biggest mothers day events in Belgium.

Together with Het Peloton

The meal box

In a few steps to your delicious meal.

Together with Colruyt

Let's meet MICE

Traveling while you're at work? It's all about MICE...

Together with Heren Loebas

Say it with a movie

Personalize your favorite movies and send them to anyone you like. Discover them all on ViaVideo.

Together with Meerkat.

Gingerbread christmas

Last part of a sequence of four movies where little mister gingerbread is looking for Christmas.

Together with Libelle Lekker

The smartest man again

New series of animations for De Slimste Mens, a Belgian tv quiz.

Together with Woestijnvis